Black Obsidian Chip, Om Pendant Necklace

Black Obsidian Chip, Om Pendant Necklace

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Black Obsidian: Deep psychic cleanse. Powerful protective stone. Aids in facing your dark truths and cleansing them. Stability. Grounding.

Om: The sound of the Universe. All encompassing, unifies everything in the Universe. The vibrations of the Om sound energizes all the chakras; especially the 3rd eye and Crown. In the symbol, the waking state is represented by the bottom curve, the dream state is the middle curve and the state of deep sleep is represented with the upper curve. The crescent shape above the curves symbolizes Maya, or Illusion, which is the obstacle that sits in the way of reaching the highest state of bliss. The dot at the top of the symbol represents the absolute state, which is the fourth state of consciousness and is absolute peace and bliss. This fourth state is believed to be the state in which someone could truly connect with the Divine.

Chakras: All

Necklace is approx 30in long